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Complete your trip by visiting Scotland Island & landscape


No trip will get fulfilled until you visit beautiful Scotland islands. There are about 790 islands in Scotland which are best to visit in connection with the tourists. However, some of the best islands which one can visit are listed below.

Apart from this, the best islands depend on how far one continues to enjoy. Some of them include Skye, Jura, Iona, Arran, Shetlands islands, Orkneys, Lewis, etc.

My first choice is the Scottish islands, where I have planned to spend most of the time on mainland Scotland and visit only the Mainland Orkney and the Skye. If I had enough time I would have also taken Arran, Lewis, Jura and the Shetland Islands. This beautiful country is exploding with green spaces, forests, mountains and vast lakes.

The country can be classified into three areas such as islands, lowlands, and Highlands. The lowlands are known for their abundant farmland and thick forest, Highlands for their lofty mountains, broad moorland and deep basin, and the islands for their wild landscapes, extra ordinary beaches, and sea views.