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About RCO

RCO is Research Collections Online, an analysis of the subject strengths of the larger general libraries in Scotland which support learning, teaching and research.

Subject strengths are described using the Conspectus scheme. Please see about Conspectus for further information.

RCO is supported by the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL).

Development of RCO

Subject strength data were originally stored in a separate database specific to the RCO service.

The Scottish Collections Network Extension (SCONE) project brought together collection-level data from a variety of sources, including RCO, into an integrated database which allows data to be stored once, but accessed and displayed in appropriate ways by different services.

In particular, the RCO data is used in the Scottish Collections Network (also SCONE) service to identify collections with strengths in a particular subject, prior to selecting collections for item-level searches using the CAIRNS distributed union catalogue.

The scope of RCO was extended during the SEED project to cover newer universities and the larger public libraries. The subject strength analysis has been carried out for these additional RCO collections, and strengths reviewed for existing collections, but the updating of the SCONE database is not yet finished.

For futher information about RCO and SCONE, see Conspectus and the Scottish Collections Network: landscaping the Scottish common information environment (2006).

RCO was developed and maintained by the Centre for Digital Library Research at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, and the National Library of Scotland.