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Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd ed.
An agent who has responsibility for the physical or electronic environment in which a collection is held.
Archive [collection type]
An archive is a whole which documents the life and work of an institution or individual, which has been retained in its original working order and is of known provenance.
Co-operAtive Information Retrieval Network for Scotland. A distributed Z39.50 union catalogue for Scottish libraries.
Catalogue [collection type]
A collection of individual records describing the items, and the intellectual content therein, of a second collection. There may, in the individual records, be information about collections but that is not the focus of the catalogue. Catalogues are typically created with significant human input. Equivalent to "Analytic-Finding-Aid".
Collaborative Collection Management.
Centre for Digital Library Research. Based at Strathclyde University in Glasgow.
Common Information Environment.
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland. Formerly the Scottish Library Association.
A Collection-Level Description. Metadata describing a collection as a whole, including its location, access conditions, and associated persons and corporate bodies.
Collection [collection type]
A set of items grouped physically, electronically and/or logically on the basis of a property or properties the items have in common.
Dataset [collection type]
A collection of items that primarily consist of structured information encoded in lists, tables, databases, etc., which will normally be in a format available for direct machine processing. Examples include spreadsheets, databases, GIS data, midi data. Note that collections of items that are primarily unstructured numbers and words will normally be considered to be of the type "Text".
Dispersed [collection type]
A collection of material on a single subject, but not kept together and not referred to by a specific name.
Distributed [collection type]
A collection that is shared among several organizations.
Exploring Scottish history; a publication and associated database of the Scottish Local History Forum and the Scottish Library Association detailing genealogical resources in Scotland.
Event [collection type]
A collection of non-persistent, time-based occurences.
Finding-Aid [collection type]
A collection of records describing the individual items, and the intellectual content therein, of a second collection. The records are firmly grounded within the overall arrangement of the collection, e.g. grouping together all the letters, account books etc. in an ordered sequence or sequences. Items are often not uniquely identifiable when considered in isolation, so the context of the collection is an essential element in compiling the finding-aid. Finding-aids are typically created with significant human input. Equivalent to "Hierarchic-Finding-Aid".
Form [collection type]
A collection of materials of the same form.
Harvesting Institutional Resources in Scotland Testbed.
Image [collection type]
A collection of items that are primarily symbolic visual representations other than text. Examples include images and photographs of physical objects, paintings, prints, drawings, other images and graphics, animations and moving pictures, film, diagrams, maps, musical notation. Note that "Image" may include both electronic and physical representations.
Index [collection type]
(Indexing-Finding-Aid). A collection of records consisting of information derived from items in a second collection, regardless of their content. By this is meant that an Indexing Finding-Aid - An index, for example a robotic search engine, will index the words in a document (or catalogue record) regardless of their context and without trying to identify the discrete elements of intellectual content contained therein. Indexes are typically generated automatically by a software robot or other harvesting technology. Equivalent to "Indexing-Finding-Aid".
InteractiveResource [collection type]
A collection of resources which require interaction from the user to be understood, executed, or experienced. Examples include forms on web pages, applets, multimedia learning objects, chat services, virtual reality.
Internet [collection type]
A collection, catalogue or index of Internet resources.
Library [collection type]
A library collection (books, journals, etc.).
The Metadata for Education Group, "an open forum for debating the description and provision of educational resources at all educational levels across the United Kingdom".
Museum [collection type]
A museum collection (artefacts, etc.).
An agent who has legal possession of a collection.
PhysicalObject [collection type]
A collection of three dimensional objects or substances which are not primarily text or image or one of the other designated collection types. Examples include people, computers, sculptures and wheat(!) . Collections of digital representations of, or surrogates for, these things are described using the appropriate 'format' collection type.
Research Support Libraries Programme.
Scottish Collections Access Management Portal. A Web-based interface for updating the SCONE service database.
SCONE project
Scottish Collections Network Extension project.
SCONE service
Scottish Collections Network.
Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries.
Scottish Library Association. Now the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland.
Scottish library and information resources; a publication of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland (CILIPS).
Software [collection type]
A software repository.
Sound [collection type]
A collection of items that are primarily audio. Examples include music, speech, recorded sounds.
Special [collection type]
A collection connected with local history, celebrities, industries, etc., or on a certain subject or period, or gathered for some particular reason.
Subject [collection type]
A collection of material on a particular subject.
Scottish Working Group on Official Publications which maintains a directory of collections of national government and international agency publications.
Text [collection type]
A collection of items that are primarily words for reading. Examples include books, letters, dissertations, poems, newspapers, articles, archives of mailing lists. Note that facsimiles or images of texts are still of the type "Text".
User [collection type]
A collection arranged specifically for a particular group of users.
Virtual [collection type]
A collection of material on a particular subject that is made available online.
Working [collection type]
A collection brought together for a particular project or exhibition which is then disbanded.
A means of translating a search entered in an automated library system so that it can be carried out in one or more other library systems.