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Welcome to SCONE

You can use this page to find collection records containing a specific word, part-word or phrase in their titles, descriptions, notes, and subject topics.

Enter the specific word or phrase in the box labelled Search term.

You can enter any combination of characters, numbers, punctuation and spaces for your search. Collections with titles, descriptions, notes, or subject topics containing the search term will be found, whether the term occurs at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end. Only exact matches are made; punctuation and spacing is not ignored. A search term containing a space is treated as a phrase, and only text containing the "word"(s) in the same order and adjacency will be found.

If you have entered a search term and wish to amend it before starting the search, then you can click the Clear button to erase the contents of the Search term box so you can start again. You can also amend the search term using the cursor, backspace and delete keys.

When you have entered your search term, click the Go button to start the search.

The titles of collections matching your search, if any, will be displayed on another page which will allow you to select one to display its full collection-level description.

A wide range of other searches are available by following the links. These allow you to search for collections using specific information such as the names of people and organizations associated with collections, the location of physical collections, languages, educational levels, etc.