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What is SCONE?

SCONE is the Scottish Collections Network.

It provides descriptions of collections held in Scottish libraries, museums and archives, and collections about Scottish topics held elsewhere. These descriptions can be searched by collection name and location, and by the names of associated persons and organizations including collectors, collection owners and administrators, and the subjects covered by the collections.

Where available, links to digital collections or online finding aids such as catalogues can be used to discover further information about the collections and their contents.

What kinds of collections?

SCONE contains information about collections of all kinds.

It is particularly strong in coverage of bibliographic collections of:

All subjects are represented:

Collections are owned and administered by a wide range of institutions and organizations located in Scotland:

How many collections are recorded?

SCONE statistics give totals for the different types of collection in SCONE.

Where does the information come from?

Much of the information in SCONE is supplied by the institutions and organizations which administer the collections.

Information about locations and organizations is updated annually by the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC) during the production of Scottish library and information resources.

Specific details about collections are derived from a number of sources:

All other information in SCONE is supplied for service purposes.

For more information about SCONE collection descriptions and how they are constructed, see:

Who uses SCONE?

SCONE is used by several information organizations in Scotland, including:

Who develops and maintains SCONE?

SCONE is developed and maintained by the Scottish Library and Information Council.

SCONE is based on work carried out by the SCONE (Scottish Collections Network Extension) project, funded by the Research Support Libraries Programme. SCONE has been developed subsequently as part of number of projects:

SCONE interacts with several networked information services for Scotland, including:

Further information about SCONE and its development can be found in these resources:


SCONE continues to be developed as part of a number of projects and initiatives. As a result, the service may become unavailable from time to time, without prior notification. Such interruptions will be kept to a minimum. The design, layout and functionality of the service may also change without notice.