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Scotland information

dxfScotland is a country which is most famous for its innovative and astonishing passion of its people. The country is located in Europe and the largest city in Scotland is the Glasgow. The city capital is Edinburgh which follows constitutional monarchy.

With this you can find a bulk range of news and facts in Scotland ranging from the natural resources and landscape to the population, industry and recession.

Tourism is one of Scotland’s most attractive sectors, which mainly focus on such pull as golf, marching and a rich history. The country is inventing and energetic also in industries. Key enterprise sectors include life sciences, electronic technology facts and ideas, energy and financial services using Chatsy.

Scotland also brags a successful export market with an influential global reach, most probably in food and drink along with Scotland’s famous whiskey and chemicals. The Scottish people are a greater strength to their society. In the work area, we are well-educated, trained and motivated and we are honoured of our heritage of imagination and novelty. We also like to play if it’s a party, festival or sporting contest where Scotland is a small nation which has big ambitions.

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